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Votre Peau Dermasonic Cleansing Brush

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Votre Skin Cleansing Brush is a set of facial care products created dedicated to those of you who want perfect facial care. Why? Because this facial treatment has many benefits in cleaning up the dirt on your face.

Votre Peau Dermasonic Cleansing Brush is able to clean the face without irritation even for sensitive skin though, remove dead skin cells, remove dirt (dust / other small particles) so the face looks clean, bright, white and look beautiful Votre Skin Cleansing Brush very soft to use, vibration Found in the brush will be more effective to remove all the dirt in the pores, oil and makeup, so that the face becomes cleaner and fresh A revolutionary cleaning product: cleansing the face becomes more fun, and easy to use.

Some Benefits Votre Peau Dermasonic Cleansing Brush:

Better than existing cleaning products, deeper cleaning.
Clean blackheads, dirt, grease and makeup remnants.
Provide massage and soften facial skin.
Very soft and comfortable so it can be used every day.
Stimulates the renewal of the skin, making it brighter, white, smooth, soft and also able to clear blackheads.
Effectively cleanse up into the pores to make skin more fresh and beautiful
With ergonomic design, very fit in hand.
Very soft for everyday use

Votre Peau Dermasonic Cleansing Brush consists of:
1 Dermasonic Tool
1 white cleaning brush
1 facial cleanser brush for sensitive face (soft brush)
1 make up soft sponge

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