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Votre Peau Sun Shield / Sun Block

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Votre Peau Sun Shield / Sun Block

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Daily protection for your facial skin from excessive UV rays. This product is suitable for everyday use. Excessive UV rays will cause wrinkles, uneven and dull colors on the face. Active ingredients work to ward off UVA and UVB.
This product inhibits the production of melanin which causes dark or dark color on the face, and free of oil and does not clog pores.

Benefits of Votre Peau Sun Shield Sunblock:

Provides high protection against sunlight
Helps reduce dark spots and melasma by gradually brightening the skin
Moisturises facial skin
Tighten facial skin
Sun Shield Sunblock Composition:

Zinc oxide
Salicylic Acid
Tranexamic Acid
How to use:

After the face is cleaned, apply it gently evenly on your face

Allow a few moments to sink in

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